You Are Good

We want to feel Good. We want to feel strong, to be proud of ourselves. And yet we so easily undervalue or discredit our accomplishments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve allowed myself to feel less than good enough because something wasn’t perfect or didn’t match the picture I had in my head. How many times I felt like I wasn’t talented or didn’t have strengths because I was just making things up as I went along. How many times I’ve convinced myself that only through further training or knowledge will I know enough about something to make my opinion valid or information worth sharing. But you see, that’s just not true. When things come easily or naturally to us it’s easy to brush them off as no big deal but to someone for whom that same thing doesn’t come naturally, it’s a gift. And that’s hard to remember. We can’t see ourselves from the outside nor can we step fully into someone else’s experience. So when life gives you a reminder of or someone pays you a compliment for your gift, say thank you! Embrace it. Recognize it. Remember that that is something worth feeling proud of, a strength. And allow yourself to revel in how amazing it feels to remember that you are Good.

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