The Universe Has Your Back

In the months leading up to the release of her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, I found myself more drawn to Gabby Bernstein. Although I’ve followed her career for a while, I started seeing her everywhere on my social media channels. I found myself taking the time to read her posts all the way through and watch her video messages. Her message was clear and it was like she was speaking right to me – how can you live from a place of love instead of a place of fear. So when I saw that she was coming to San Francisco, I immediately bought a ticket to her book signing at Grace Cathedral.

The Universe Has Your Back is a book about transforming fear to faith. Learning to trust that when you surrender your control, your vision will be supported. Gabby is very personable, a strength she has leveraged throughout her days in public relations and as a public speaker. She writes from her own experience so the book is filled with personal stories of her own struggle to live from a place of love. It’s nice to hear that despite her many years as a spiritual teacher doing the work, she too gets caught up from time to time in a fear mindset. The Universe Has Your Back is a guide book of sorts on how to, through small actions and mental shifts, tap into divine love and release your fear. Each chapter has a different theme, filled with lessons animated by stories and exercises for you, as the reader, to complete in order to practice her teachings. You don’t just get to breeze through this book. She makes sure you are actively participating in your transformation by giving you the tools to make shifts in your thoughts and behaviors. Right away in chapter one she has you examine your fears, write them down and get honest with what role you’re playing in continuing to live out those fears. Like I said, if you read this book you have to be ready to do the work. And that includes meditation, journaling, self-examination, shifting your thoughts and tapping into your feelings. This work allows you to clear mental, emotional and habitual blockages that are keeping you from living the life you desire, from living from a place of love. Gabby guides you to redirect your intention, release your control over your life, trust that you are being supported by the universe and make room for more joy in your life.

I love the chapter “Obstacles are Detours in the Right Direction.” This is one of the chapters on control. As a person with perfectionist tendencies I read this and immediately thought “oh yeah..I needed to hear this one.” It’s all about recognizing that things aren’t always going to go the way you hoped. And when they don’t, instead of trying to control your life more, you need to let go more. Trust that you are being guided and this is just a detour in the right direction. That there is a lesson in personal growth amidst the discomfort of the situation not going as you’d hoped. Remembering that your experience of the situation is tied to your mindset toward the situation. Another chapter that is so relevant today is “ Oneness Sets You Free.” This chapter is a reminder to check our judgments and fear stories that cause us to feel ‘other’. That feeling can be anything from jealousy, comparison, envy, superiority, inadequacy – anything that makes us feel separate from other people. Lately I’ve been feeling that the world is stuck in a cycle of judgment and separateness. These judgmental thoughts are not coming from the place of our highest, best selves. Personally, it’s not the way I want to live. I know this lesson is not an easy one but it’s an important one. And one that is at the crux of many of our global issues. Gabby poses the questions, “How do we find safety in the midst of uncertainty? How do we find power when we feel so powerless? How do we find peace when there is so much fear?” Her answer, of course, goes back to the beginning of learning to transform our fear into faith and living from a place of love. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to break free of negative thoughts or patterns and desires more loving joyfulness in their life. I’ll leave you with her full response.

“The answer is to lead from a place of love. Our capacity to tune in to the energy of love gives us the words we need when it’s time to forgive and the power we need when we are lost. As a spiritual activist, I believe that the greatest power we have to combat the terror of these times is our power to live in love. Love casts out all fear…you have the capacity to connect with the force of the Universe to influence others with your presence. You know your power lies in your capacity to be love and spread light. The more love you bring to the world the more you will inspire others to live in love. Then they will do the same. This ripple effect of love is what changes patterns, creates peaceful revolutions, and ends wars. You may feel that your power is lost in the hands of some insane fear-based world leader. It’s not. Your power lies in your capacity to spread love.”

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  1. Hannah Rusch says: Reply

    Thank you for this timely post. I realize this moring that last night I was raginig against the Universe, trying to exert myself against its force when I really didn’t need to. I awoke this morning and the stars have aligned, the epiphany is clear, and your message was there waiting to confirm it for me. Thank you. Peace and love.

    1. onwardspirit says: Reply

      Wow, so glad to hear this brought you some clarity. I definitely recommend checking out the book.

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