The Crafter’s Box

Just before Christmas I stumbled upon a new service called The Crafter’s Box on Instagram. One of the ceramic artist I follow, Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast was promoting the new service as one of their featured artists. It was her pots, this craft that caught my attention right away. I loved everything about what they were trying to do. I was feeling particularly uncreative at the time and in need of some inspiration to not only do creative projects but to try my hand at some new ones. The service is pretty simple. You sign up for a membership (or a one-time box) and each month they send you a kit with all of the tools you need to complete the craft project. You also have access to community message boards, a video created by the artist that walks you through how to complete the project and a live webinar with the artist during the month. So there are plenty of resources to learn more, ask questions and share ideas.

Being the holidays, I asked for a 3-month subscription as a present. My first box was Emily’s marbled clay hanging planters. I was so nervous to mess up the marbling that I watched her tutorial video over and over. Finally with enough courage to try it, I ended up with two semi-marbled mis-shaped pots. But they were mine! Something new that I created, so of course I had to hang them up. When the next month’s box arrived I dove right in. This time a arm knitted chunky wool blanket with Elise Blaha Cripe on Elise Joy. I’m not much of a knitter but it was so simple I didn’t need to be (though I suppose knowing the basics did help me). Without a doubt the softest blanket I will ever own. My last box ended up being my favorite. Erin Dollar showed us how to make a custom linen table runner using block printing. While feeling totally overwhelmed with coming up with a cool stamp or pattern I was most excited to try this craft. After months of letting the box sit on my bookshelf while I contemplated patterns, I finally decided to jump in without a plan. I created two square stamps and then did some test prints on paper to determine the pattern I wanted to make with them. By some luck the two stamps worked really well together and I ended up with a pattern I’m really happy with.

This service was so much fun! I would highly recommend trying out The Crafter’s Box. It not only encourages you to try new crafts but shows you how to do it and supplies you with the tools to engage in it over and over.

block print

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