One Year Anniversary!

Onward Spirit is one year old!

I started this project a year ago with the hopes that it would help keep me accountable for continuing to stretch and learn new things. With a brief look back through the years’ posts, I’d say I was successful. But in the spirit of continuing to grow, I’ve got some big plans for this space in the next year. From here on out I’m pledging to post consistently. To generate not only more content but richer content. To ask for your feedback and questions and better serve you! the readers. Doing even more research, field work, testing, reading and experimenting. In order to do this I know I need to commit more time and energy to this space. So, now that you’re along with me for the journey, you too can keep me accountable.

I want Onward Spirit to be a resource for you on your self-care, spiritual and wellness journey. A space where you can find books, tips, rituals, destinations, professionals and more to help you along the way. Onward Spirit is about helping you live a happier, healthier, more productive life.

So, don’t be shy! Send me your questions and topics you want to see covered. Chime in with your opinions, insights and perspectives on things. Let’s grow this beautiful community together.

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