On Turning 28

And just like that I’m 28, another year gone by. For me 27 was a good year, my golden year. It had its challenges, share of tears and anxiety-inducing fear spirals but they just made me stronger. Mostly it was filled with love, joy, community, creativity, spirit and adventure. Looking back on the year, I took an extended trip nearly every other month and fit in lots of weekend and day trips in and around California. I spent more time listening to my inner voice and learned to trust that the universe is not only guiding me but has my back. I received so many signs in the form of synchronicities and through readings. My creativity flourished! This year I accomplished more creative projects than I can remember doing in the last five years combined. Your energy flows where your attention goes and my creativity was the recipient of much of my attention. What made my year the most spectacular was that it was filled with so many wonderful people. With the beginning of 27 being a really hard period, my community showed up and not only lifted me up but filled my heart with love. I really came to know and trust myself and let the people in my life truly see me. If I have one take away from 27 it’s that I am incredibly blessed to be living this life and for the people and experiences that compose it.

If you know me personally, or have been along for this journey for a while, you know that every year I make a list of goals on my birthday. When I look back on my goals from 27 I see progress not perfection. And that’s ok! In a way that became my mantra for the year. My goals were more actionable and specific than in years past which made them easier to measure but also criticize. They focused on patterning healthy habits, nourishing friendships, surrounding myself with people and opportunities that inspire me, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and focusing more energy inward. And when I remove my critical eye I see that I’m different now than I was a year ago because I worked on and made progress on all of those things.

For 28 I approached my goal list differently. Instead of thinking tactically about what I want to accomplish I looked more broadly at who I want to be a year from now. My number one goal this year is to DO THE WORK. There are so many things I tinker with, think about or say I’m going to do but don’t quite get it done. No more! All of the things I’m holding back on are things I truly want to be doing, so it’s time to go for it. Another is to LET GO! Trust that I’m being guided, listen to my inner voice, loosen my grip on how I think things ‘should’ be and enjoy them for what they are and let my energy be open and flowing. And with that BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME. Let my true self shine instead of filtering and making myself duller or smaller to feel safe and accepted. I am who I am and I’m proud of that, so no need to be shy about it. Lastly, TAKE GOOD CARE of myself. I can get so focused and motivated that I overcommit and overextend myself. So taking my daily walks, nourishing my body with good food, taking time to relax and read, strengthen my body and make sure I’m setting myself up with good habits for a long, happy and healthy life. I know 28 will bring many new experiences but I feel nothing but excitement for the year ahead.

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  1. 🙂 So inspiring. I’m so glad we got to spend your birthday together!

    1. Me too!! Thanks for making it a great day.

  2. So proud of your last trip around the sun. You are one fantastic human Grace and I can’t wait to hear and see all the next year has in store for you!

    1. Thank you love!

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