October 2017 Playlist

Since I can remember music has been a big part of my life. We had music playing throughout the house, my siblings and I sang in choir, we tried (unsuccessfully) to play a few instruments and three of us even pursued, for a period of time, a career in music. I was obsessed with live music and in the age of MySpace, with being on top of not just all the latest bands but all of the up and comers before they were cool. I went to school to work in the music industry and realized it wasn’t for me. A few years out of college I hit a point where I didn’t want to spend money on concerts and albums anymore; it was as though I’d seen and heard it all. So I stopped. And then a few years went by where I found relatively little new music, went to only a handful of concerts and didn’t play as much music at home or in the car. Earlier this year I decided I wanted to get back into the rhythm of having a soundtrack to my life. So I started utilizing that Spotify subscription I’d been paying for and really digging into new music. I’ve had so much fun rediscovering my love for music and for artists who have the ability to move something deep inside you with their words and talent. And since music has the ability to transport you like no other, I thought it’d be fun to start documenting my life in songs. Not by theme or words but just by the day to day music that’s playing while my life is happening. So now I’ll be able to hear a set of songs and remember what I was thinking, feeling and going through when that song was in regular rotation.

And with that, here’s my October 2017 Playlist

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  1. I’m enjoying the tunes. It makes me feel close to you. Miss you darling Grace!
    Love, Mom

    1. Glad you like them!

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