Adventures in Sewing

My mom taught me to sew in the third grade. I made this little red sundress that had ties at the shoulders. I wore that thing out! It was my favorite dress and every time I wore it I felt proud of my handiwork. Each year of high school, just before the first week of class I would sew my own school bag. I started to play with creating my own patterns and making my own clothes. For every dance I would make my date’s tie to match my dress. On the day of my high school graduation my mom gifted me my very first sewing machine. Sadly this machine sat in storage during my college years and until recently only came out of storage a handful of times.

A few years ago I got inspired to start sewing again. I looked up classes in my neighborhood and found the perfect little studio. Unfortunately I never got around to actually booking the class. And every time I would actually remember to call and sign up, the classes were full. So the months and years continued to pass me by. When I finally got around to calling with enough advanced notice they told me they were no longer offering classes. Go figure! So the cycle started over again with finding a new studio. This time I didn’t hesitate and committed to taking a class that started in November. As my sewing days were a thing of the distant past I decided to start again with the basics and brush up on all of my skills. I found an instructor that specializes in apparel and alterations. Inspired by all of these amazingly beautiful boutique apparel brands selling basic linen and cotton tops and dresses for hundreds of dollars, I wanted to start making my own basics, for much much less than hundreds of dollars. By the second class I realized how important it was for me to be there. Sewing clothing for a late twenties body is much different than an early teens body. Going in depth on pattern alteration and proper fit was an eye opening experience. I felt that spark of joy that I used to get from sewing come back. Somehow this class was exactly the environment I had been looking for for my return to sewing. In the third class we started constructing our garments. I had selected a simple shift dress with weltless pockets and paired it with a greenish grey linen fabric. As I sewed together my dress it all started to feel so familiar – much like riding a bike. Only I had also learned some new seam finishing techniques and done some detailed alterations to the pattern which made it feel new. My dress came together in a few short classes and was ready to wear. On the last day of class I decided to sign up for the next level series. In preparation for my next class I’ve been collecting patterns to make. There are so many fun pattern design companies out there making great wardrobe staples in contemporary styles. A few of my favorites include Grainline Studio, Blueprints for Sewing, 100 Acts of Sewing, Tilly & the Buttons, Closet Case Files, Christine Haynes and IndieSew.

This past year it was my goal to get back in touch with my creative, crafting side. I started the year with The Crafter’s Box, moved on to pottery and ended it with sewing. It’s incredibly rewarding to make things from scratch! It’s also refreshing to tap back into creative projects I used to enjoy but have since abandoned. I’m looking forward to keeping up with my sewing projects and will continue to share them in this space.

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  1. Yes! This is so fantastic. It inspires me to try my hand with sewing clothes. Love that dress!

    1. Thanks Michelle! You should definitely try sewing clothes. It’s so fun to be able to wear something you made.

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